Upgrading or deploying even a somewhat complex network is a challenge, largely because every device and user relies upon it to link them with the world so there is little room for error. DAG Tech aims to ease the challenge with skilled, detailed oriented technicians backed by experienced network engineers. Rolling out a network upgrade strategy requires experience, foresight, planning and a focus on execution. As part of a network installation or upgrade, we stay by your side each step of the way with project managers who oversee, schedule logistics and manage projects.

When augmenting your company’s in-house IT staff, we can review plans or act as helping hands to deploy a network strategy and you will always have access to our engineering staff who is able to simultaneously understand the technology and the vision.

Through years of exposure to a spectrum of business models we find that organizations who have focus on building a strong information network tend to grow faster, work more efficiently and have employees who are free to produce the best work possible. By intelligently rolling out a new network design or upgrade, a company can be well positioned to respond to problems and the inertia of business.