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Fractional C-Level Services
Fractional CTO Services

With DAG Tech’s CxO services, an experienced resource can be available to you, for a fraction of the cost.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

More than ever, technology leadership and expertise are necessary for every organization’s success, growth, security, and compliance. Like enterprises, all organizations require focused technology roles in order to fully leverage technology, secure communications and valuable data, and adhere to standards. DAG Tech CxO services provide high bang-for-the-buck guidance.

Technology vCTO

  • Technology Strategy
  • Technology Assessment
  • Technology Foundation Plan
  • Technology Transformation Plan
  • Standardized Technology Architecture
  • Technology Policy Development
  • Technology Training Program

Security vCSO

  • IT Security Requirements Analysis
  • IT Security Assessment
  • IT Security Foundation Plan
  • IT Security Transformation Plan
  • IT Security Training Program

Compliance vCCO

  • IT Compliance Requirements Analysis
  • IT Compliance Assessment
  • Compliance Foundation Plan
  • Compliance Transformation Plan
  • Compliance Training Program

Dev-ops vCDO

  • Product Vision
  • Product Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Product Development Management

How do DAG Tech CxO services work?

DAG Tech CxO services exceed the role of expensive in-house resources, at a fractional cost. These services allow your organization to acquire specialists focused on specific areas of opportunity and concern. We can manage everything from technology strategy to delivery. Our outsourced resources are easily available virtually.

To initiate our CxO services, we discover your organization’s objectives. With these findings, we build out a CxO program timeline, with the proper experts, to study and accomplish specific deliverables.

Deliverables are provided in formats which are understandable by executives, board members, and all relevant stakeholders. Our formats contain valuable findings, recommended remediation, and actionable plans. These plans can include technology projects and migrations, consolidations and footprint compression, new services, security hardening, compliance adherence methods, as well as the establishment of new policies.

Our C-class experts are leading technologists, security experts, and compliance specialists with vast experience and track records of proven results.

DAG Tech CxO is available as ongoing plans or as one-time projects. All services are provided by our world-class team. 

A service such as CTO can be referred to as:

  • Fractional CTO – fractional in time requirements and cost
  • Outsourced CTO – hired externally as a consultant
  • Virtual CTO – performs functions via video, email, and phone
Fractional CTO Services

Ready for a winning strategy?

Accomplish your objectives with DAG Tech CxO services!

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