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DAG Tech’s IT Assessment (ITA) is a best-in-class, flexible and modern format which produces high quality, easy to understand, and quickly implementable results.

Expert Assessment of: domain services, servers, workstations, devices, mobile computing, remote connectivity, email systems, databases, file systems, cloud systems, voice systems, video systems, social networks, anti-malware systems, network security, LAN design, network performance, wireless systems, inter-site networks, biometric systems, and IT processes.

How the DAG Tech IT Assessment works:

  1. Configuration
    • categories – choose the technology categories you’d like to assess at IT Assessment on DAG Tech’s E-Store. our format is totally flexible – assign less hours for an overview, more hours for detail and additional supporting information. pay easily online through our E-Store
    • deliverable– add documentation hours based on the total assessment hours required. for standard documentation add 33%. for detailed documentation add 50%. (example; if you have selected 72 assessment hours, select 24 hours for standard documentation, or up to 36 hours for more detailed documentation)
    • timeline – based on categories selected, detail required, and logistics, a total timeline will be issued. the assessment phases below are split in phases between the total timeline.
    • DAG Tech will provide status updates throughout the process on what phase of assessment is underway
  2. Kick-Off
    • learn the function of the business and its goals, budget, current position, desired capabilities, and roadmap
    • review requirements related to technology, systems, workflow, and security
    • plan assessment logistics and processes
    • first 25% of total timeline
  3. Assessment
    • assess selected categories using industry leading methods and tools
    • assessment conducted by top-level engineers
    • second 25% of total timeline
  4. Analysis
    • following the assessment, DAG Tech will review and analyze findings and results
    • compare to requirements and goals, industry standards, and best practices
    • third 50% of total timeline
  5. Deliverables
    • DAG Tech will produce and submit a high quality, easily understandable, and well formatted PDF at the end of the timeline (see examples)
    • report format:
      • overview
      • per assessment category findings
      • recommendations and estimates
      • comparison to industry standards and best practices
      • methods and tools used
      • supporting information
  6. Review
    • after the assessment is completed, DAG Tech will present it and will be available to answer any questions Q&A
    • assessments can be augmented over time and additional categories and hours can be added later. assessments can also be freshened on an ongoing basis by subscription (many requirements and policies call for at least a yearly update to assessments)
    • the assessment can be used for informative purposes, compliance requirements, or as a starting point for proposals, modifications to technology systems and strategies, and projects


IT Assessment 1            IT Assessment 2




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