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DAG Tech Managed Placements

DAG Tech’s Managed Placement services provide your organization with a top-quality specialist(s), backed by the depth, resources, and expertise of a world-class technical team.


  1. Organization Integration – Each carefully selected placement is fully integrated into your organization, with guidance from our team on maximizing performance and results.
  2. Technical Integration – As a member of our team, the placement maintains direct access to experienced technical individuals and a broad variety of technical skill sets. This promotes furthering of expertise, in both breadth and depth, and access to sounding boards.
  3. Technical Exposure – The placement is kept up to date on new technology and industry advancements.
  4. Skills Sharpening – Ongoing training is provided to keep the placement ahead of the curve on new technologies. Some sample training programs we are currently providing include Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  5. Industry Access – Through DAG Tech, the placement will have access to best-in-class vendors, industry experts, partners, and channels.
  6. Reduce Overhead – Reduce overhead by shifting management tasks to an outsourced provider.
  7. Great Pricing – Competitive flat-rate or cost-plus pricing. We take care of all benefits, taxes, and G&A costs so you don’t have to.
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