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DAG Tech’s Outsourced Technology Procurement

Equip your business for success.

Procure necessary hardware and software, curated to your specific needs.

Technology is ever-evolving, and so are its demands and requirements. Outsourced technology procurement can simplify the the growth of your business. In-house IT procurement is an arduous task and prone to error.

DAG Tech alleviates these issues with the following process:

  1. We collect accurate requirements from you. What solutions you’re looking for, preferences in configuration, delivery deadlines, and target pricing.
  2. Our expert engineering team specs the correct solutions and sends the recommended configurations to our procurement desk.
  3. The procurement desk accesses a leading array of vendors and preferred pricing to get you accurate solutions, quickly, at the best cost.
  4. Orders are approved by you with a quote, through pre-determined Bill-of-Materials (BOM) pricing, or through public or custom published items.
  5. If we have established a zero-touch deployment IT Support SLA, we set everything up and deliver it directly to the end-user!

By reducing unnecessary involvement and cutting inefficient procedures, DAG Tech enables you to better focus on important strategic objectives. Our proprietary Procurement Desk handles all elements of procurement for you, from beginning to end.

With DAG Tech, you’ll enjoy:

  • Favored access to industry leading vendors with preferred pricing
  • Precise specing 
  • Instant, simplified ordering via DAG Tech E-Store
  • Expedited delivery speed
  • Standardization and verification by expert engineering teams
  • Unlimited procurement desk included with DAG Tech’s A+ Animal comprehensive IT services plan
  • Zero-touch deployment options

Our procurement desk provides:

  • Computing devices including laptops, desktop, and mobile phones
  • Server and data-center hardware
  • Local Area Network equipment including ethernet switches and firewalls
  • Wireless Access Points and wireless controllers
  • Software and cloud licensing
  • Peripherals such as printers and scanners
  • Biometric and premise security solutions
Technology Procurement

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Keep ahead of the game with Technology Procurement from DAG Tech.

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