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Elevate your strategy with

DAG Tech’s Virtual CTO

Cutting-edge technology is more important than ever.

Elevate your strategy with Virtual CTO from DAG Tech.

Technology powers every modern business. It is impossible for your organization to be the best version of itself without implementing great technology solutions. To accomplish this, all organizations require expert technology leadership. From small and medium business (SMB), to mid-market, and of course up to enterprise.

In the past, only enterprises had in-house C-level (chief level) technology guidance, but now everyone needs a proper guidance to succeed. These are your Chief Technology Officers (CTO), Chief Information Security Officers (CSO/CISO), and Chief Information Compliance Officers (CCO/CICO).  For SMB and mid-market, that in-house execute team is cost-prohibitive, over half-a-million dollars in salaries combined. That is where outsourced and fractional guidance makes perfect sense. With DAG Tech’s CxO, your organization can obtain enterprise-class technology guidance and strategy, as well as security focus and compliance adherence, for a fraction of the cost.

DAG Tech’s C-level consultants work with your organization to develop procedures and programs that enable turbo-charged business growth and seamless integration of technology.

Virtual CTO

The industry standard term is “Virtual CTO”, but the terms “Fractional CTO” and “Outsourced CTO” are used almost interchangeably. We will explain the difference: 

  • Virtual CTO – the person is available virtually; by phone, video-conference, and e-mail.
  • Fractional CTO – the time required to accomplish the role is not 1 FTE (or 2000 hours per year). the job can be accomplished in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Outsourced CTO – the CTO is not an in-house. they are paid hourly, on retainer, or included as part of an SLA by an outsourced firm.

What do variants of these roles accomplish?

  • Virtual CTO – the Chief Technology Officer determines the best technology for the organization, integrating security and compliance requirements. they build road-maps to determine major technology projects and milestones and ensure their execution. (also called Fractional CTO or Outsourced CTO)
  • Virtual CISO – the focus of the the Chief Information Security Officer is determining the security required by the organization and implementing strong technology security. their role includes the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), development of security policies, and end-user security awareness training. the CISO must also build-out a Security Operations Center to continually harden security and respond to security events. (also called Fractional CISO or Outsourced CISO)
  • Virtual CICO – the focus of the the Chief Information Compliance Officer is determining the compliance required by the organization and implementing compliant solutions. their role includes the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), development of compliance policies, and end-user compliance awareness training. the CICO must also ensure compliance adherence and respond to compliance events. (also called Fractional CICO or Outsourced CICO)
  • Virtual CIO – the focus of the the Chief Information Officer is determining the information required by the organization and implementing information systems. their role includes the development of data architectures, access control rights, secure sharing, information storage and backup systems. (also called Fractional CIO or Outsourced CIO)

Further cement a strong strategy culture with Virtual CTO by DAG Tech CxO – a powerful solution to achieve high-impact IT strategies in a cost-effective way.

Ready to achieve your strategic vision?

Unleash your potential with Technology Guidance from DAG Tech.

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