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Innovative and Reliable IT Services


At DAG Tech, our vision is to deliver outstanding IT services which empower our clients to maximize their potential. These end-to-end capabilities include excellence in managed services and IT support, a focus on cybersecurity, compliance adherence, and strategic guidance. We believe that through a winning combination of expertise and services, our clients can unlock their full potential.


DAG Tech is positioned as a one-stop-shop for technology related requirements. Our IT services suite is purpose built to address the real-world needs of businesses to provide practical and immediate value. While we solve immediate needs, we also create the foundation for growth.


Our Founder & CEO, Daniel Ghazi, built DAG Tech from the ground up with the vision of delivering innovative and reliable IT services. Over the past 25 years, Daniel has grown DAG Tech from a small consultancy into a world-class Managed Services Provider. His unwavering passions for customer service and for technology drive the pursuit of the best solutions for DAG Tech’s clients.


Our leadership team consists of industry leading individuals with extensive IT and management experience. They play a pivotal role in shaping high quality services, strengthening the customer experience, and guiding our innovation.


DAG Tech’s team consists of exceptional technology professionals, each possessing high levels of training, education, and certification. While remarkable as individuals, our strength truly emerges as a collective. Our strong team spirit fosters a great working environment, enabling us to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.


  • TRUST – We are built on trust and honesty. Our team trusts each other, our clients trust us, and increasingly the industry has rewarded us with trust.
  • PASSION – Our excitement for technology fuels continuous learning and growth, positioning us as early adopters.
  • OPEN MINDED – We cultivate an open-minded culture, encouraging diverse ideas and fresh perspectives, and the courage to rethink established methods.
  • POSITIVITY – In an industry where we handle mission-critical operations in challenging markets, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for success.
  • INDIVIDUALISM – Encouraging individuality and self-expression, we strive to be authentic and the best versions of ourselves.
  • RESOURCEFUL – The fusion of motivation, attitude, and intelligence makes our team resourceful, consistently delivering exceptional solutions.
  • ACCURACY – We aim for 100% accuracy and precision, ensuring the highest quality in our work.
  • WORK ETHIC – Despite technological efficiencies, our commitment to good old-fashioned hard work remains steadfast.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We treat everyone, from team members to clients and vendors, with the utmost professionalism.
  • NEVER SURRENDER! – Our team faces challenges head-on, delivering quality solutions with smiles on our faces every time.


DAG Tech has achieved 100% organic growth, starting from humble beginnings with just a yellow pages and a landline phone. Our expansion has been fueled by dedication, the results delivered to our clients, our reputation, and intelligent decision-making.


  • 1999 CLOUD SERVICES – We were an early adopter and began launching cloud-based Linux servers.
  • 2001 VIRUTALIZED SERVICES – We were an early adopter, first virtualizing our customers Oracle servers.
  • 2006 SAAS SERVICES – Again, an early adopter, we began offering Software-as-a-Service to our clients, starting with Microsoft Exchange.
  • 2013 PRODUCTIZED SERVICES – We began offering IT Services through online checkout, as productized and flat-cost subscriptions.
  • 2022 AI – We integrated artificial intelligence into our service desk solutions


  • 1999 Founded in Washington DC – Our first client was a Fortune 500! We hit the ground running.
  • 2003 San Francisco – Our DC clients said they wished their SF IT support was as good as DAG! Expansion time
  • 2004 New York City – DAG Tech opens at 11 Broadway in New York City’s Financial District.
  • 2010 Los Angeles – The SoCal tech scene begins booming.
  • 2014 New Global Headquarters – DAG Tech opens at the prestigious location of 185 Madison Avenue, one block east of the Empire State Building.
  • 2015 Boston
  • 2019 London
  • 2021 Miami and Phoenix
  • 2023 Sydney


We are a merit based organization that rewards performance and results. DAG Tech is committed to workforce diversity and a culture of inclusion. Our culture and environment is one where everyone feels highly valued and works together in harmony.


DAG Tech is increasingly focused on providing energy efficient solutions and those that reduce or eliminate electronic waste.








We proudly serve customers from diverse industries all around the world!

IT Services For WHO
IT Services For BASF Corporation
IT Services For Interos
IT Services For Wagamama
IT Services For NYC Department Of Education
IT Services For National Urban League
IT Services For Parragon
IT Services For Letgo
IT Services For United Celebral Palsy

What makes DAG Tech different?

Simplified IT Approach

We make the complicated simple

We approach all challenges as opportunities. Our communication is and always will be straight forward, honest, and understandable.

IT Industry Leaders

Our customers and team are in it for the long haul.

We have an industry-high retention rate with both our customers and our team. That’s because we are in the business of prioritizing happniess and over-delivering.

The Future Of IT

We believe the future is now.

The world and technology are progressing rapidly. To provide quality service we stay up to date with the cutting edge, and are blazing ahead as innovators and leaders.

Expert IT Team

We are tech-obsessed - it is more than our job.

We know that people who love what they do always do the best job. Our team is deeply passionate and that holds them to the highest level of accountability.

Dedicated IT Professionals

You get your own dedicated team.

We match your business with industry experts specific to your unique needs. No matter who you work with, you can count on the fact that this company and your people will never give up. Every time without fail. With smiles on our faces.

Business Community

Choosing DAG is also choosing community

Philanthropy is a very special part of our DNA. We are proud to sponsor charities like Simply Youth Institute and give back to the community. Your business makes it possible.


Microsoft Silver Partner
Google Workspace Reseller
DAG Tech on BBB
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
Fortinet partner

Our Products

DAG Tech is a leading technology innovator. Where there are better ways to accomplish IT services, we create solutions.

unlimited IT Support

A+ Animal™

to provide small business and mid-market clients with comprehensive and easy to deploy and comprehensive IT services

BlackJack™ – Proactive Assurance


pro-active IT maintenance, which unifies and schedules regular maintenance all your IT assets

Clarity IT SLA

Clarity IT™

customizable and formalized enterprise IT SLA

CxO™ – Technology Leadership


strategic consulting to provide your organization with fractional CTO, information security, and information compliance guidance


for technology procurement, IT support subscription plans, IT assessment, technology projects, and cloud solutions

IT TaaS™

IT Team-as-a-Service to provide integrated, scalable, and managed technology resources into your organization


onboarding software to accurately onboard new users technology services and for zero-touch deployment of hardware

State of the Technology™

customizable IT SLA which provides your business with top-notch technology expertise.


Let us know how DAG Tech can help your business thrive.

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