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Get the Best Tech Talent Instantly with


On-site and Virtual IT Placements

Need in-house technical people? With IT Team-as-a-Service, we staff vetted, expert talent directly into your organization.

We're On Your Team.

Look no further for the expert IT personnel you need to achieve your business goals. Our approach is:


Our placements are well-equipped with both technical expertise and organizational sensitivity.


We help you reduce overhead by taking care of benefits, taxes, and G&A costs for TaaS placements.


Seamless onboarding and full integration for efficient, results-driven success.

Team as a Service

Placements that Fit Just Right

We get it. You’re a nimble team looking to outpace the competition, but you’re weighed down by insufficient manpower and lack of resources. We’re here to help.


DAG Tech’s IT Team-as-a-Service will unshackle your organization’s abilities by getting you the people you need. Bringing on our placements boosts your technical capabilities beyond what conventional recruitment can achieve. This is because DAG Tech’s top-quality IT specialists are backed by the resources and expertise of a world-class technology team. We’re leveraging hundreds of thousands of work-hours for a singular objective – your success.


Our placements are empowered with: Organizational Integration, Technical Integration, Technical Exposure, Skills Sharpening, & Industry Access. Enrich your organization today with IT Team-as-a-Service – the better way to build.

IT Team-as-a-Service

Execute faster with expert personnel.

Get your dream team with IT Team-as-a-Service.

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