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Ensure Technology Health & Cybersecurity with


Proactive IT Support
Proactive IT Solutions

DAG Tech's innovative and proprietary Blackjack seamlessly consolidates and schedules regular maintenance for your entire IT system.

Proactive IT Support & Security

The Best Defense is a Great Offense

What is Proactive IT Support?

Proactive IT support is a strategic approach that pre-emptively updates, reviews, and optimizes technology solutions. The aim is to minimize unplanned downtime, equipment failures, and cybersecurity risks linked to unpatched systems.

What should Proactive IT Support accomplish?

Proactive IT support encompasses tasks such as updating software and firmware, installing hot fixes and service packs, reviewing log files and events, optimizing configurations, verifying system processes and completed backups, and reconciling licensing.

How does Proactive IT support improve cybersecurity?

Proactive IT support enhances cybersecurity by ensuring that software is updated to the latest patched versions. Vendors identify vulnerabilities in their software and release updates to close off potential attack vectors.

How does Proactive IT support promote compliance adherence?

Proactive IT support enhances compliance by demonstrating to stakeholders that you are implementing a preemptive strategy to mitigate risks in your technology footprint.

Blackjack Overview

DAG Tech designed the Blackjack software drawing on extensive industry experience in managing client technology systems. We envisioned a more efficient, accurate, and formalized methodology to ensure the smooth and secure operation of systems. With this solution, we’ve significantly reduced the reactive support often associated with other IT vendors.

Blackjack’s proactive IT support offers peace of mind for your IT security. We provide a centralized dashboard for the maintenance of your entire technology ecosystem. Blackjack inventories your assets, applies a customized service schedule, and programs the optimal maintenance routine.

How do I get Blackjack?

Blackjack is included in DAG Tech’s comprehensive A+ Animal support plan and DAG Tech’s TS4 IT management software suite. Additionally, we are currently piloting Blackjack as a standalone service, extending its benefits to select MSPs and enterprise businesses.

Proactive IT

Blackjack proactively maintains your IT environment.

Proactive Maintenance Categories


Mobile Devices

Cloud Services


Network Devices

Cybersecurity Solutions

Backup Solutions

Virtual Environments

IT Processes

Technology Success Events

We Solve Problems Before They Begin

Safeguard against technology failure with our proven process:

Patch Management

Systems are patched and upgraded on schedule to minimize risks and maximize performance.


Assets are regularly reviewed in search of unexpected activity, breaches, and vulnerabilities.


Full reports on infrastructure health ensure continued compliance, efficiency, and security.

What makes DAG Tech different?

Simplified IT Approach

We make the complicated simple

We approach all challenges as opportunities. Our communication is and always will be straight forward, honest, and understandable.

IT Industry Leaders

Our customers and team are in it for the long haul.

We have an industry-high retention rate with both our customers and our team. That’s because we are in the business of prioritizing happniess and over-delivering.

The Future Of IT

We believe the future is now.

The world and technology are progressing rapidly. To provide quality service we stay up to date with the cutting edge, and are blazing ahead as innovators and leaders.

Expert IT Team

We are tech-obsessed - it is more than our job.

We know that people who love what they do always do the best job. Our team is deeply passionate and that holds them to the highest level of accountability.

Dedicated IT Professionals

You get your own dedicated team.

We match your business with industry experts specific to your unique needs. No matter who you work with, you can count on the fact that this company and your people will never give up. Every time without fail. With smiles on our faces.

Business Community

Choosing DAG is also choosing community

Philanthropy is a very special part of our DNA. We are proud to sponsor charities like Simply Youth Institute and give back to the community. Your business makes it possible.

Don't gamble on security.

Secure the winning hand with Blackjack.

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