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Setting up new employees is easier than ever with


Streamlined Onboarding & Offboarding
technology onboarding

Setsail quickly and accurately sets up new users with email, logins, cloud services, cybersecurity, policies and training, and fully configured devices.

How Setsail works



Setsail is tailored to your technology, workflows, security, and compliance. Set unique requirements for each department to ensure accurate and timely onboarding.



In just a couple minutes, HR is able to schedule onboarding and offboarding. Simply enter a new user, select their requirements, and Setsail does the rest.



Your new employee is ready to start on day 1, with complete ease and no frustration. Their fully configured computer is setup with everything they need to succeed.

Setsail today!

New hires hit the ground running on day one with quick and accurate technology onboarding into your organization. 


HR inputs information into a simple cloud accessible interface, containing all necessary determinations.


Sharp language processing and eagle-eyed experts guarantee the new user is configured correctly.


Integration with your existing HR processes ensures new technology is ready to go immediately.

SetSail solves a long standing issue in the business world – unstructured technology onboarding never works. You know how it goes. Employees are excited to start a new job and on their first day, their technology is not setup at all, partially setup, or takes weeks or months to complete. The new employee’s initial momentum is disrupted, the organization doesn’t look good, and productivity is lost.

Setsail configures your new hires with all the appropriate technology.

Onboarding Scope

New Computer Setup

Cloud Services Logins

E-mail & Distribution Groups

Access to Data Shares

Printer & Scanner Access

Single Sign On Systems

Cybersecurity Software

E-Learning Materials

IT Policies

Security Awareness Training

Recruiting is hard. Let us make technology onboarding easy.

Welcome aboard with SetSail. Included with A+ Animal IT plans. Technology onboarding includes configuration of cloud services accounts and logins, installation of productivity software, collaboration and video conferencing access, identity and access management software such as Microsoft Azure and JumpCloud, single-sign-on configurations, data access configuration, network configuration, VPN and zero-trust-access setups, configuration of peripherals, and zero-touch deployment of desktops and laptops.

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