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Empower Your Defense Against Deceptive Threats


Ongoing Phishing Simulation Service
Proactive Phishing Assessments to Bolster Organizational Cybersecurity
Proactive IT Solutions

DAG Tech's X-Phish goes beyond a simple phishing assessment. It is an ongoing, managed Phishing Simulation program designed to proactively evaluate and strengthen your organization's defenses against phishing attacks.

Phishing continues to rank among the most prevalent and formidable cyber threats, frequently exploiting human vulnerabilities within organizations. Our all-encompassing service integrates simulated phishing campaigns to empower your employees with the skills to adeptly identify and thwart phishing attempts.


Customized Simulations

We customize phishing simulations to replicate real-world attack scenarios your organization may encounter. Our simulations evaluate employees’ vulnerability to diverse phishing tactics, including spear phishing, credential harvesting, and malicious attachments.

Realistic Scenarios

Our simulations closely mirror the techniques employed by real cybercriminals, providing your employees with a firsthand experience of the tactics, methods, and procedures employed in phishing attacks.

Varied Attack Types

Our service covers a range of phishing attack types, including industry-specific email templates, landing pages, and simulated attachments. This comprehensive approach ensures that employees are well-equipped to defend against a diverse array of potential threats.

Awareness Training

Our training is personalized according to the results of the phishing assessment campaigns and focuses on recognizing warning signs, comprehending various attack techniques, and gaining insights into social engineering.

Phishing Metrics and Reporting

We offer comprehensive phishing assessment metrics and reports that delve into employee response rates, susceptibility levels, and engagement with the simulations. This data enables you to monitor progress, pinpoint vulnerabilities across departments, and gauge training engagement statistics.

Monthly Deliverables:

  • Structured Phishing Assessment
  • 1 x E-mail Phishing Simulation per user
  • 1 x Phishing Awareness Training Session per user
  • 1 x Company Phishing Report

DAG Tech X-Phish: Empowering Your Defense Against Deceptive Threats

Elevate Organizational Cybersecurity with Our Phishing Assessment & Simulation Service. Fortify Your Defenses Today!

What makes DAG Tech different?

We Make The Complicated Simple

We make the complicated simple

We approach all challenges as opportunities. Our communication is and always will be straight forward, honest, and understandable.

Our Customers And Team Are In It For The Long Haul.

Our customers and team are in it for the long haul.

We have an industry-high retention rate with both our customers and our team. That’s because we are in the business of prioritizing happniess and over-delivering.

We Believe The Future Is Now.

We believe the future is now.

The world and technology are progressing rapidly. To provide quality service we stay up to date with the cutting edge, and are blazing ahead as innovators and leaders.

We Are Tech-obsessed - It Is More Than Our Job.

We are tech-obsessed - it is more than our job.

We know that people who love what they do always do the best job. Our team is deeply passionate and that holds them to the highest level of accountability.

You Get Your Own Dedicated Team.

You get your own dedicated team.

We match your business with industry experts specific to your unique needs. No matter who you work with, you can count on the fact that this company and your people will never give up. Every time without fail. With smiles on our faces.

Choosing DAG Is Also Choosing Community

Choosing DAG is also choosing community

Philanthropy is a very special part of our DNA. We are proud to sponsor charities like Simply Youth Institute and give back to the community. Your business makes it possible.

Our Products

DAG Tech is a leading technology innovator. Where there are better ways to accomplish IT services, we create solutions.

unlimited IT Support

A+ Animal™

to provide small business and mid-market clients with comprehensive and easy to deploy and comprehensive IT services

BlackJack™ – Proactive Assurance


pro-active IT maintenance, which unifies and schedules regular maintenance all your IT assets

Clarity IT SLA

Clarity IT™

customizable and formalized enterprise IT SLA

CxO™ – Technology Leadership


strategic consulting to provide your organization with fractional CTO, information security, and information compliance guidance


for technology procurement, IT support subscription plans, IT assessment, technology projects, and cloud solutions

IT TaaS™

IT Team-as-a-Service to provide integrated, scalable, and managed technology resources into your organization


onboarding software to accurately onboard new users technology services and for zero-touch deployment of hardware

State of the Technology™

customizable IT SLA which provides your business with top-notch technology expertise.

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