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Ensure Ongoing Health & Security with


Proactive IT Maintenance
Included with A+ Animal
Proactive IT Solutions

BlackJack unifies and schedules regular maintenance for your entire IT system.

We Solve Problems Before They Begin

Safeguard against technology failure with our proven process:


Systems are patched and upgraded on schedule to minimize risks and maximize performance.


Assets are regularly reviewed in search of unexpected activity, breaches, and vulnerabilities.


Full reports on infrastructure health ensure continued compliance, efficiency, and security.

Proactive Maintenance & Security

The Best Defense is a Great Offense

BlackJack gives you peace of mind for your IT security. We provide a central dashboard for the upkeep of your entire technology ecosystem.

BlackJack inventories your assets, applies a customized service schedule, and programs the optimal maintenance routine. Through proactive monitoring and immediate action, you’ll never have to put out fires again.

Our priority is painless protection – iron-clad security without the stress. We keep your technology ahead of the curve by equipping you with a hyper-organized understanding of your IT. With our industry-leading solutions, you’re set for success.

Proactive IT

Don't gamble on security.

Secure the winning hand with BlackJack.

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