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Cybersecurity services

Protect your business with an elite

 Cybersecurity Service Provider

Now more than ever, strong security is a must.

DAG Tech has a proven record of iron-clad protection and cybersecurity expertise.

Cybersecurity Framework

DAG Tech adheres to a formalized cybersecurity framework, developed by NIST. The stated goal of this framework is “helping organizations to better understand and improve their management of cybersecurity risk”. This includes the holistic security lifecycle of identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery.

Security Compliance

DAG Tech promotes compliance towards established and well-known governance and regulatory standards such as CCPA, FISMA, GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX.

DAG Tech CxO Security Program

DAG Tech’s CxO features a best-in-class Security Program, which focuses on security solutions, protocols, and policies. These include security requirements analysis, security assessment, security foundation and transformation planning, security policy development and security awareness training programs.

DAG Tech Security Operations Center (SOC)

DAG Tech’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is an advanced cybersecurity center which combines industry leading monitoring, intrusion prevention, and penetration testing tools, alongside a top-tier security team to protect you 24/7/365.

DAG Tech's Security Team

The security team at DAG Tech is comprised of battle-tested experts. Our elite team includes security policy makers, compliance experts, network and cloud security engineers, and highly knowledgeable white hats.

DAG Tech A+ Animal

DAG Tech’s A+ Animal is purpose-built to provide a comprehensive suite of IT services, support, and software. In all facets, we deliver best-in-class solutions, all seamlessly integration. A+ Animal is security focused and includes integration with our Security Operations Center (SOC), as well as Zero Trust Access (ZTA), intrusion prevention and detection, penetration testing, spam filtering, DMARC email validation, secure DNS, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), policy development, and Security Awareness Training (SAT).

Managed Cybersecurity is of paramount importance to the well-being of every company. Without it, your business is subject to costly data loss, unintentional dissemination of intellectual property, as well as company and end-customer data. Many businesses think about their stance on security once it’s too late. 

Best practices ensure the privacy of your team and customers alike, ahead of time. Protect your business against cyberattacks, unauthorized access, data breaches, and other disruptive threats.

The goal of this approach is to pro-actively strengthen all elements of systems to prevent breaches and data loss and respond as quickly as possible in the event of zero-day or unforeseen attack.

As a Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP), we employ a comprehensive approach to managed cybersecurity services:

  • World-class Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide proactive monitoring, incident response and recovery, remediation activities, and compliance. The SOC team is there to identify cyberattacks, determine root-cause analysis, defeat the cyberattack, and then harden systems to prevent future issues.
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions to provide holistic detection and response to network, e-mail, data, end-point, and cloud vectors
  •  Comprehensive IT services plans with emphasis on security. DAG Tech’s A+ Animal includes the best tools required to pro-actively prevent issues.
  • Full suite of infosec solutions, from leading vendors, on our technology marketplace
  • DAG Tech’s CxO Security Program to analyze security requirements, build hardening plans, create security policies, and penetration test systems.
  • Some common, high bang-for-the-buck, approaches are implementing multi-factor authentication, proper end-point protection, e-mail filtering, and strong passwords.

Our expert team leverages deep knowledge in infosec and cybersecurity to implement powerful solutions. With DAG Tech, you’ll be well-defended against the entire range of modern security issues.

Ready to secure your company?

Guard your business with managed IT security from DAG Tech, a leading Cybersecurity Services Provider.

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