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A+ Animal IT Support Plan

The Many Benefits of Upgrading from On-Demand IT Support to DAG Tech A+ Animal

Upgrading from on-demand IT support is hugely beneficial with powerful and comprehensive IT solutions!

What is an On-Demand Agreement? 

An On-Demand Agreement (ODA) covers issues as they happen, without pro-active support. Issues occurring with your networks and computers will only build into dangerous security threats (cyber-attack, network outage, workforce inefficiency, etc). On-Demand Agreements do not provide response guarantees such as acknowledgement (MTTA – Mean Time To Acknowledge) or guaranteed task initiations (MTTI – Mean Time To Initiation).

Why am I currently using an On-Demand Agreement? 

Many organizations start with ODA style contracts because they are easy to initiate and require no budget and no planning. Inevitably, all organizations will outgrow these style agreements as they increasingly understand the value and return-on-investment of great technology solutions and the risks and lost productivity of poor solutions.

What is a Service Level Agreement? 

A Service Level Agreement is superior to an On-Demand Agreement. An SLA defines the level of service you expect from a vendor, laying out the metrics by which service is measured (KPI – key performance indicators), as well as remedies or penalties should agreed-on service levels not be achieved. It is a critical component of any technology vendor contract.

What does DAG Tech recommend to organizations with On-Demand Agreements?

Organizations serious about their technology and cybersecurity should always use strong solutions that are SLA driven.

DAG Tech A+ Animal is the ideal SLA solution to upgrade from on-demand IT Support. It is a comprehensive product which includes IT support, cybersecurity, training tools, management software, guidance and reporting. With DAG Tech’s A+ Animal, our expert technical team (equipped with a cyber security specialist, and top tier pro-active maintenance tools), we can detect and rid your systems of any issues before they happen!

KEY REASONS A+ Animal will dramatically improve your business

  1. Establishes a Service Level Agreement – Having an agreement between you and DAG Tech will enforce strong communication and allow both parties to support the effort of your improved technology workflows. Your clients and those interested in your security and compliance will be happy to know you have a formal SLA in place.
  2. Provides Strong Cybersecurity – A+ Animal includes a suite of cyber security solutions that will get you to an above average security rating. These include end-point (computer) security, email filtering and security, domain security, and ongoing monitoring. Please see the product web page to see everything included! 
  3. Promote Compliance – With DAG Tech’s expert technical team we will create compliance policies to keep your technology up to the standards of your customers/users.
  4. E-Learning and Training – We provide you with access to a wealth of E-Learning materials so your team can learn how to best and more securely utilize your technology.
  5. Improves Technology Workflows – With a formalized Service Desk, monitoring, and documentation, your technology and subsequently, your entire operation, will run much more smoothly.
  6. Reporting and Guidance – Our easy to understand, yet extremely powerful State Of The Technology reports are presented to you quarterly to inform you on how DAG Tech grades your technology and suggest improvements that will promote cybersecurity and your business as a whole.
  7. Business tools / Standardization – DAG Tech A+ Animal includes software to support standardization and introduce improves business tools. One being Exclaimer, a tool to keep all company signatures uniform. Another is DAG Tech Setsail, our accurate onboarding solution. DAG Tech’s Blackjack standardizes and performs pro-active maintenance, stopping issues before they occur.
  8. Business Continuity – Among the policies created and distributed when becoming a DAG Tech A+ Animal client is a BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) policy, which will give you the knowledge to support your team through any outage that occurs. You’ll meet with our cyber security specialists to help them understand how your data is stored, then they will draft your BCDR policy and train you on the same situation. Also included is cloud backup of your key productivity data and email.
  9. Budget visibility – With DAG Tech A+ Animal, your bill will be consistent. It is priced flat, per user per month.
  10. High ROI – Our pro-active and comprehensive approach ensures you will be running at a high efficiency, in turn making your employees more productive and satisfied with their technology. In time this saves you money by keeping IT support costs consistent and well maintained. You can focus on what you do best, growing your business!

Upgrading from On-Demand IT Support is an important step forward. We hope to see you deploy the power of A+ Animal soon!

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